An open letter to Professor Paul Layzell

Dear Professor Layzell,

We are alumni of Royal Holloway and are writing to express our serious concerns at the way that the College has been managed of late.

Firstly, it has been hugely disappointing to discover that Royal Holloway has one of the worst professorial gender pay gaps in the country. This disappointment has been compounded by your response in which you blamed women rather than institutional sexism for this gap by saying: “…there are certain protected groups where there is a natural tendency to not have a go and put themselves in for promotion – sometimes that’s gender, sometimes it’s the BAME group”. You then went on to make comments which implied that you felt women were more suited to teaching than research.

We feel this analysis is not only crass, but shows a lack of understanding and sensitivity to an issue as important as the gender pay gap. You hold a position of incredible influence and we call on you to take whatever action is needed to close the gap swiftly.

Secondly, we wish to address the recent pensions dispute and the heavy-handed approach to industrial relations that your leadership team has developed as a consequence.

During our time at Royal Holloway, we were taught by some of the leading experts in their fields and our learning was also heavily facilitated by dedicated professional services staff.  As alumni, we are indebted to these members of staff who have played an invaluable role in our development and helped us on the road to the careers we enjoy today.

However, this begs the question of how Royal Holloway intends to remain a good university if these staff members have to take a 40% cut to their pensions, in addition to the 16% real terms pay cut that they have faced since you took over as Principal in 2010?

We politely remind you that your own remuneration has increased by a staggering £91,000 (or 42%) in the same period – something you have had an active role in deciding through the College Council.

Presented with this unprecedented attack on their pensions, staff at the College have taken the only option available to them in carrying out sustained strike action. The decision to do this will not have been taken lightly and staff would prefer to have been teaching or supporting students rather than losing half a month’s pay. They have chosen to take this action in order to defend their pensions and to stop a race to the bottom in terms of pay and conditions, which would have a long term effect of harming the world class education that they currently provide. Therefore, the workers who are on strike should be respected and not shown the contempt that the College has shown them over the last few weeks.

It is welcome that you have now undertaken a U-turn on some of the most draconian measures for discouraging workers from defending themselves. However, it is extremely concerning that you ever thought it acceptable to threaten docked wages for people working to their contract. If you expect staff to do more work than is stipulated in their contracts, then you should pay them for that work accordingly, not threaten to withdraw their pay entirely.

You also stated that staff who joined a picket line on their lunch break would have that day’s pay docked. It is still unclear whether you were threatening to dock a full day’s pay for a half day not worked, or if you were dictating that staff not on strike could not show solidarity with striking workers on their breaks. Either option is disgraceful, likely illegal and brings the name of our alma mater into disrepute.

These policies should not have required public, staff and student pressure in order to be changed. The College should never have threatened its workers in this way. You should never have allowed this to happen.

A lot has changed at the College since we left, much of it for the better, for example a new library named after a suffragette hero is something we can all be proud of. However, when it comes to gender equality, Royal Holloway has clearly drifted from a progressive legacy of promoting women’s rights and has taken a particularly reactionary turn when it comes to how how it treats members of independent trade unions wishing to defend their hard earned rights.

We hope that you will take our comments on board and make every effort to make us once again proud to be Royal Holloway alumni.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Rayment (Physics, 2013; College Council member, 2011-2013)

Jamie Green (Media Arts, 2012; SU Vice President, 2012-2014)

Dr Jen Mills (Psychology, 2017; SU Trustee, 2014-2015)

Daniel Lemberger Cooper (Politics and Management, 2011; SU President 2011-2012)

Emma Peagam (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2014; SU President, 2014-15)

Gillian Craig (Music and Drama, 2015; College Council member, 2014-2015)

Katie Blow (Psychology, 2011; SU Vice President, 2011-2012)

Sarah Honeycombe (History, 2011; Students’ Union Vice President 2011-2012)

Ian Stewart (Psychology (Bsc), Management (Msc), 2012; SU Vice President, 2012-2014)

Kenneth Aruwa (Psychology, 2012; SU Vice President 2012-2013)

Susuana Amoah (Media Arts, 2013; Feminism Society President, ULU Women’s Officer 2013-14, NUS National Women’s Officer 2014-16)

Laura Lewis (English, 2017; Co-President Welfare & Diversity, 2016-2017)

Tom Harris (English Literature, 2013)

Simon Davidian (Politics and International Relations, 2014)

Rose Walker (English and Classical Studies, 2015)

Andrew Mitchell (Modern Languages, 2016; SU Officer 2012-2014)

Mitch Smith (Physics, 2013)

Daniel Kelly (Geography BSc Geopolitics & Security MSc, 2014; SU staff 2012-2014)

Tom Walsh (Physics, 2013)

Oli Back (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2013)

Elliot Dugdale (History, 2015)

Samantha Kwok (Psychology, 2012)

Chloe Baton (Criminology and Sociology, 2013)

Flora Deshmukh (History, 2015)

David Whitehorn (History, 2015; Ultimate Frisbee Club President 2014-2015)

Emma Norman (English Literature, 2014)

Jevany Thompson (Classics, 2014; Social Secretary for RHUL Classical Society)

Siân Mayhall-Purvis (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2013; Drama Society Vice President 2012-13)

Isobel Ruckert (English Language and Literature, 1980)

Melonie Clarke (Geology with Science Communication, 2011)

Nicole Savin (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012)

Nicole Zoylinos (History, 2012)

Christopher Moon-Little (Music, 2012)

Catherine Stiles (English and Drama, 2012)

Thomas Crickmore (Psychology, 2014)

Jenny Batchelor (History, 2015)

Alexander Woodward (Classics, 2014)

David Bowman (Physics, ; Co-Editor, The Founder)

Jim Galloway (Biology, 2015; Social Secretary of RHUL Gospel Choir 2014-2015)

Ria Cajee (English and Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012; Student Workshop Creative Learning Officer)

Hong Ying Chui (Mathematics, 2013; Treasurer of Dance Society 2011-2012)

Sarah Weston (Drama, 2011)

Megan Wright (Classical Studies, 2014)

Edward Jeffrey (Management, 2013)

Liberty Jackson (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2014)

Carl Mandy (Media Arts, 2000)

Jack Rigby (English & Drama, 2014; Secretary, Student Workshop)

Morgan Hale (Music, 2013)

Dean Elliott (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2011)

Jasper Watkins (English Literature, 2016; Editor, The Founder)

Imogen Dally (Mathematics, 2014)

Francesca Sadler (Music with Psychology, 2013; Savoy Opera Society President)

Joshua Scuse (MA Playwriting, 2017)

Daisy Jervis (Drama and Theatre BA and Applied Theatre MA, 2012; Student Workshop Publicity Officer Drama Society Social Secretary)

Joseph Jones (English, 2014)

Lauren Green (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2011)

Cerys Evans (Psychology, 2015)

Emily Jackson (Computer Science, 2014)

Nicholas Dunn (French and German, 2009; President SURHUL French Society, Welfare Officer, LGBT group)

Anne Coulson (Classics, 2012)

Rafael Garcia Irvine (Physics, 2015)

Michael Uong (Psychology, 2008)

Taz Jagdev (Biology with Science Communication, 2011)

Helen Diggle (Music, 2014; President of Historical Reenactment Society 2012-2014)

Oliver Gordon (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012; President of Drama Society 2011-12)

Holly Van Ackeren (Greenfield) (Creative Writing and Theatre Studies, 2012)

Lily Springer (2011)

Rebecca Stern (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2010)

Heather Rimington Bokota (BA English literature, MA Poetic Practice, 2015)

Catherine Burnside (nee Dowsett) (History, 2008)

Hassan Abu-Bakir (Ancient History, 2008)

Dr Joanne Edge (PhD, History, 2015)

Nicholas Fisher (History & Music, 2011; Catering Outlets Assistant Manager – Founder’s 2015 – 2016)

Helen Marsh (History, 2005)

Christian Stevens (MA History, 2017)

Catherine Tarrant (Drama and Theatre, 2013)

Prof Laura Gowing (PhD History, 1993)

Viktoria Eless (Physics, 2017)

Emma McHarg (PhD, 2012)

Kate Burns (Media Arts, 2015)

Megan Down (Psychology, 2012)

Alastair Simpson (Music, 2014)

Dr Danielle Park (History BA, MA, PhD, 2013; Visiting Lecturer, History 2011-17)

Amy Richards (English & Classical Studies, 2011; Gender Equality Officer 2011)

George Severs (History, 2016; Bedford Centre for the History of Women UG Liasion Officer 2015-16; LF President 2014-16)

Felicity French (History with an International Year, 2015; Women’s Rugby Matches and Fixtures Secretary 2012-2013)

Claire Cooper (English and Creative Writing, 2011)

Sophie (Psychology, 2014)

Samuel Hancock (Music, 2011; MusSoc Vice President 2009-2010)

Megan Walker (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2014)

Emily Petretta (BA History, MA Public History, 2017; President of Italian Society 2015-2016)

Becky Waite (Geography, 2015)

Bethan Sproat (Geography, 2017)

Katy H (History, 2013)

Harriet Roe (English, 2016)

Daniel Ruth (Psychology, 2015; Psychology Course Rep Year 1-3)

Laura Wood (BA English and Classics, MA Medieval Studies, PhD History, 2017; SU Parents and Carers Rep)

Sophie Syms (Classics, 2017)

Charlie Robinson (Mathematics, 2007)

Dirk Hemmings (then Emma Barrow) (Drama, 2000)

Maryam Al-Faruque (Psychology, 2011; Treasurer, Women’s football)

Daniel Dadds (Management, 2017)

Kelly Barber (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2011)

Laura Nunneley (English and Creative Writing, 2010)

Jack Saffery-Rowe (BA Politics, MA Politics of Development, 2015; SURHUL LGBT+ Officer 2013-14)

Brooke Thomas (BA English Literature, MA Shakespeare Studies, 2014)

Aliide Naylor (History, 2011; Student Radio Presenter)

Nikita Butler (Mathematics, 2014; Maths Soc President)

Amy Fox (History, 2016)

Francesca Depree (History, 2015)

Rosie Moffat (History, 2014)

Benyamin Dupres (Politics, 2017)

Sophie Edwards (English Literature, 2015)

Helen Walpole (Music with French, 2017)

Tegan Johnson (2017)

Erika Foster (Media Arts, 2009)

Rhiannon French (English Literature, 2011)

Matthieu Hauret (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2011)

Henry Ng (Management, 2016; Duty Venue and Bar manager SU & RH Cheer dance captain)

Aileen Flanagan (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2011)

Prof. Richard Wistreich (PhD Music, 2002)

Samantha James (History, 2015; History Society Communications Officer and Karate Club Social Secretary)

Joanna Leigh (English and Philosophy, 2017; Trampolining Social Secretary, SU Bar Staff, Student Ambassador, International Student Peer Guide)

Holly Naylor-Harrod (History, 2001)

Helen Sutherland (History, 2015)

Rachael Dark (Psychology, 2011; Women’s Rugby Captain 2009-2010)

Thomas Woods (Drama and Theare Studies, 2012; Drama Society Treasurer 2010-12)

James Insch (Ancient History, 2016; Motorsport Secretary)

Molly Coulthard (History, 2017; Disabled Students’ Officer 2015-2017)

Rebekah Griffiths (History, 2014; History Society President 2012-14, Boat Club Volunteering Officer 2013-14, Faculty Representative for Arts & Social Sciences 2014, Department Representative for the Department of History 2013-14, Students’ Union Volunteering & Development Officer 2012-13, Community Action Student Team Member 2012-13)

Katherine Buckley (Psychology, 2017)

William Kruppa (2016)

Hoi-Lam Jim (Psychology, 2014)

Roz Todd (History, 2009)

Jessica Hope (History, 2015)

Joel Moore (History, 2015)

Joseph Welland (French and Spanish, 2015)

Duncan Aldis (Ancient History/Classical Archaeology, 2014)

Virna Sologaistoa (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2011)

Diane Amancic (Politics and International Relations, 2015)

David Napier (Politics and International Relations, 2015)

Laura Beardsmore (Music, 2012)

Bryony Hall (Geography, 2012)

Dr Anna Boeles Rowland (History, 2011)

Geoffrey Douglas (Physics, 2015)

Maddie Osborn (Music, 2016)

Michael Lawn (History, 2017; President History Society 2009-2011, Chair of History Departmental Student/Staff Commitee 2009-2010, SU Mature Student Rep 2009-2010)

Simon Wilkins (Music, 2010)

Jack Coleman (Film Studies, 2014)

Elizabeth Lloyd (History, 2015)

Alex Heselton (Music, 2015)

Summer Courts (English and History, 2017; Course Rep for English, Course Rep for History, Tolkien Society Secretary)

Daisy Horan (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2016)

Catherine Fletcher (MA and PhD History, 2008)

Yuki Taira (Criminology and Sociology, 2017; President of RHUL Criminology Society 2016-17)

Alison Wells (Maths and Music, 1977)

Joseph Fitzpatrick (History, 2008)

Bryn Mathias (Physics, 2009)

Emily Oliver (Drama & Creative Writing, 2007)

Christianna Mason (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012)

Samantha Dulieu (French and History, 2017)

Annabel Haskell (Mmus, 2013; Course Representative)

Nicola Buntin (French and German, 2007)

Sophie Garner (Classical Studies, 2014)

Tommy Allen (BA English Literature and Creative Writing, MA Poetic Practice, 2016)

Sereen (Media Arts, 2009)

Clive Hill (Biology, 2017; VP BioSoc, Biology Course Rep, Science Factilty Rep, Mature and Part-time Students Rep, Asst Ed. Scientists’ Scribe)

Laura Evans (Media Arts, 2010)

Heloise Spence (English and Drama, 2014)

Lizzie Cooper (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012; Drama Soc – Holloway Players Rep)

Anakha Nambiar (Criminology with Sociology, 2015; Criminology Society Co-Founder)

Emily Meltham (BA History & Music; MA Medieval Studies, 2015)

Jenny Eckner (Music, 2015)

Grace Almond (History, 2017; President of the Women of Colour Collective)

Sahiba Miah (Geography, 2015)

Benjamin Horn (English Literature, 2017)

Tanyel (English, 2017; SU Tech Crew, RSA, Student Ambassador, English Department admin assistant)

Scott Taylor (Politics and International Relations, 2017)

Rachel Williams (English Literature and Creative Writing, 2010; Captain Women’s football)

Audrey Jordan (MA Medieval Studies, 2017)

Kate Rist (English and Classical Studies, 2017)

Katherine Taylor (Classical Studies, 2012)

Rebecca Wilson (English and Comparative Literature, 2017; English PEN President 2016-2017)

Elaine Whiddon (Geography, 2008; Georgraphy Society Deputy Chair)

Dr Claire Launchbury (PhD, 2009; GTA)

Ellie (Media Arts, 2016)

Rashid Ghafuri (CS and Business, 2013)

Oliver Candon (Psychology, 2014)

Yolanda Harding (Music, 2017)

Sally Harris (English Literature, 2013)

Daniel Seal (MA Medieval History / PhD History, 2015)

Jade (Psychology, 2017; President of Ballroom and Latin Society)

Natalie Wild (Music, 2012)

Melina Andreou (History, 2017)

Lydia Halls (History with an International Year, 2012)

Joe Gunn (Drama, 2011; Staff/Student rep)

Katy Donnelly (Psychology, 2014; Women’s Officer, Secretary – LGBT+ Society)

Katherine Mosquera (English & Film Studies, 2017)

Veronika Hepperle (English and Film Studies, 2017; Dance Society President 2015/2016)

Dan Meldreth (Music, 2017)

Eleanor Moore (Music, 2015)

Louise Coats (MA Shakespeare, 2016)

Hee-gyun Kevin Yu (Classical Archaeology BA, MA, 2009)

Lise Albertsen (English Literature, 2015)

Emily Sills (BA History & MA History, 2016)

Tegan Marlow (English & Creative Writing, 2016; Feminism Society President)

Thom Jencks (Mmus, 2015)

Angus Wyatt (Geography, Politics & International Relations, 2013; Assistant Manager of Insanity Radio, President of Voices of Holloway, recipient of the Bill Schindler Shield for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life)

Sarah McGrory (French & Italian, 2013; SU Executive Committee 2010-2011)

Alexandra Zuckermann (Biomedical Sciences, 2015; SU Executive Committee)

Madi Gianfrancesco (Psychology, 2015; Assistant Station Manager at RhubarbTV)

Rebecca Louise Parker (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012)

Vincent (Physics, 2011)

Callum (French and history, 2017)

Abbee Hanlon (History, 2017; Hockey Club President)

George Nichols (Physics (MSci, PhD), 2014; Physics Society President)

Courtney LeJeune (MA Playwriting, 2012)

Jonathan Lewis (PhD in Philosophy, 2014)

Natalie Kahn (History, 2012)

Corinna Kerrou (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2008)

Siobhan Payne (History, 2008)

William Farmer (Management with Marketing, 2012; Drama Society Committee Member)

Elms (Psychology, 2014; Secretary of the Psychology Club)

Zoë Kuik (BSc Psychology/MA Consumption, Culture & Marketing, 2017; Society Social Secretary, Psychology student representative, Welcome Week volunteer)

Hollie (Management, 2017; Student Ambassador)

Alice Parker (Mathematics, 2012; Christian Union Secretary & Treasurer)

Kristin Sverre Ãstensvik (Politics & International Relations, 2015; President, Diplomatic Society 2013-2015)

Virginie Morice (Drama and Theatre, 2005)

Emily Tan (Music, 2015)

Joshua Stafford-Haworth (Physics (MSci), 2011)

Imogen Pinnell (English and Creative Writing, 2013)

Beckie Burtenshaw (Music, 2013; Society Treasurer)

Robert Brown (English and Drama, 2012)

Sam Clayton (English Literature, 2013; Library Assistant)

Vici tsappis (Astrophysics, 2008)

Lesley Newton (nee Paget) (History, 1976)

Jessica Lutkin (MA Medieval Studies and PhD History, 2008)

Sarah Lawn (nee Oliver) (Molecular Biology and Genetics, 2004; Student Council Chair for Biological Sciences)

Aziza Khabbush (Medical Biochemistry, 2012)

Lillie Mason (History, 2017; Assistant Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer 2017-2018)

Eleanor Cross (Psychology, 2017; Cheer Captain 2015-2016)

Emma Hogan (MA Public History, 2014)

Chloe Walton (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2013)

Eleni Tsiakaliari (Physics Msci, 2014)

Lina Ohltmann (European Studies, 2010)

Emily Hancock (English and Creative Writing, 2016)

Matthew Goldup (Geography, 2008; Secretary, Expedition Society. Community Action Volunteer)

Zanthe Meijer (Criminology and Psychology, 2017)

Annie Janz-Marsh (European Studies and Management, 2011)

Richard Stratton (Theatre Studies, 2008; Student Workshop Publicity Officer)

Gavin Jacobson (History, 2008)

Jade Harewood (Media Arts, 2014)

Alex Oxley (Geography, 2016; Cheerleading Committee)

Maria Mcmenemy (Performing Arts, 2011)

Olivia Dolman nee Wilkinson (History, 2010)

Eleonora Marino (Philosophy, 2017)

Mahmoud zayat (English and Drama, 2017; Treasurer of Drama Society 2015 – 2017, RAG Vice Chair 2015- 2017)

Naoimh O’Connor (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2013)

Elizabeth Utting (Financial and Business Economics, 2013)

Erin Standing (Philosophy, 2017; Ambassador of Sustainability Society)

Khama Barnicoat (Criminology and Sociology, 2016)

Peter (Biomedical Science, 2011)

Emma Salter (Psychology, 2017)

Josh Brown (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2013; Student Ambassador)

Matt Hurley (Geology, 2017; Photography Society Treasurer and Social Secretary)

Katherine Dale (English and Theatre Studies, 2017)

Kirsty Blackburn (Biomedical Science, 2014; RHUL Gospel Choir president)

Tanya Klyasova (English, 2017; Peer-guide)

Danielle Cavender (History, 2017)

Ryan Gregory (Film and TV Studies, 2014; Treasurer for Film Festival Society, Off-Campus Activities Officer RAG Society, Film Editor for The Founder)

Isabel Sudbury (Classical Studies, 2015)

Susana Figueira (Criminology and Sociology, 2014)

Michael Cobb (BMus, 2010)

Julie Aherne (Music, 2010)

Lilly Farres (English and Creative Writing, 2016)

Alex Facey (Media Arts, 2014; Head of Publicity, Insanity Radio)

Rachel Townsend (English Literature, 2016)

Rosa Coomber (History, 2015)

Lana Burgess (History, 2014)

Nicole Acquah (Drama and Creative Writing, 2016)

Connor Newson (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2016)

Jake Deeble (English, 2017)

Elizabeth Townsend (Music, 2012; President of Music Society 2010-11)

Jack Gregson (Media Arts, 2013)

Teresa Duddy (History, 2016; Student Services Advisor 2016-2017)

Helen Lawrence (History, 2004)

Lorraine Bobb (MSci Physics , PhD in Physics, 2017)

Katie Osmon (History, 2013)

Reema Jawad (Psychology, 2016; Vice President Middle East Society)

Beatriz Isabel Font (European Studies with French, 2013)

Young Kuk Noh (Criminology and Sociology, 2016; Station Manager of Insanity Radio 2015-2016)

Serena Dejong (English, 2016)

Sam Ridley (Classics, 2017)

Grace Holliday (Drama and Creative Writing, 2012)

Samuel Barrett (Medical Biochemistry, 2017; First Aid Society Social Secretary)

Adut Ayik (Politics and International Relations, 2015; Society President)

Dominic Fryer (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2012)

Celestine Schorlemer (Psychology, 2015; Debating Society VP, TEDx CoFounder)

Ashleigh Wilmot (English and Drama, 2016; Secretary, Drama Society)

Sinead Costelloe (English and Drama, 2012)

Samuel Hyman (Molecular Biology, 2012)

Emily Savage (MA Gender History, BA History, 2013)

Alice Mason (Drama and Creative Writing, 2016)

Amine Maza (Politics and International Relations, 2013)

Sam Tonge (Geography, 2017; Student Ambassador)

Ami Lodge (Music with German, 2008; Welfare Officer 2006-2007)

Jane Hamlett (MA & PhD, 2005)

Jo Hutchings (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2012)

Thomas Vaughan (History, 2017)

Justyna Legutko (Multilingual Studies with International Relations, 2017; Society President, Challenge Leader)

Cristi May (Psychology, 2017)

Rebecca Dulieu (Zoology, 2006)

Mohammed Barber (History, 2016)

Dr Katherine Rawling (MA Women’s and Gender History; PhD history, 2011; Teaching Assistant in Department of History, 2009-2011)

Stanley Eldridge (Drama, 2014)

Robert Bowering (Mathematics, 2013; Choral Scholar)

Sofija Zovko (English and Creative Writing, 2016)

Madeline Oslejsek (Theatre and Drama, 2016)

Jess Charlton (Computer Science, 2012)

Robyn Jankel (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2007; President of Savoy Opera Society, 2006-7)

Laura Spencer (Politics with Philosophy, 2015)

William Clarke (Classics, 2013; Classical Society Officer)

Wendy Haines (Drama & Theatre, 2014)

Alfred Jones (Modern History and Politics, 2012)

Stephanie Walker (MSci and PhD geology, 2017)

Adam Gregory (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2017)

Heather Weightman (History, 2012)

Levana Blum (Drama and Theatre, 2014)

Sophia (History, 2017; Debating Society President)

Saurav Chowdhury (Economics, 2016; Photography Society President)

Taha Husain (English and Film, 2017)

Brian O’Connor (History, 2014; Social Secretary, RHUL Law Society)

Soubbotina (Management with Marketing, 2012)

Tom Watts (English and Creative Writing, 2011; Orbital Designer)

Ulrike C. A. Stephan (PhD Classics, 2015)

Catherine Baum (BA Classical Studies and MRes Classical Reception, 2017; Savoy Opera Society President 2015-16)

Annabeth Westerman-Blake (English, 2017; First Year Rep Drama Society 2014/2015, Social Secretary English Literature Society 2015/2016)

Jessica Brankin (Drama & Theatre Studies, 2012)

Emma Crew (History BA, Medieval Studies MA, 2016; RHUL Gospel Choir Secretary)

Jess Anderson (Drama, 2013)

Charlotte Dixey (English Literature, 2013)

Leah Hewerdine (Classical Studies BA, Classical Art & Archaeology MA, 2017; Student Union Student Trustee, Societies Officer, Society President)

Oliver Rushby (Psychology, 2013; Student Trustee 2012-13)

Tural Ahmedzade (Modern History and Politics, 2009)

Nyssa Mirza (Geography, Politics and International Relations, 2015; Student Ambassador, Events Coordinator/ Careers Officer of PIRSOC, NMUN Delegate)

Samuel Howden-Glasgow (English, 2015; Society Secretary)

Dickie Spurgin (Archaeology, 2013)

Khyam Sajid (History, 2017; LGBT+ Secretary)

Nathalie Burton (Psychology, 2017)

Bethanie Short (Psychology, 2017)

Jessica Quagraine (Psychology, 2015)

Rebecca Jinks (BA, MA, PhD History, 2013; HistSoc President)

Karen Fernandez (Media Arts, 2016)

Madeline White (BA History and MA Holocaust Studies, 2016)

Mohammed Basith Awan (Physics, 2012)

Leonie Hannan (MA and PhD History, 2009)

Zoe Thomas (PhD History, 2016)

Laura Luca (English, 2015)

Lauren Gladwin (History, 2017)

Jamie Gregory (Geography, 2012)

Abigail Scutts (English and Classical Studies, 2016)

Sophie Anna Kleanthous (Politics, International Relations and Philosophy, 2015; RHUL Amnesty International Society- Campaigns Officer)

Rebecca Menmuir (English, 2015)

Luke Wilson (Psychology, 2015)

Susanna Clark (English Literature, 2017)

Jacob Jewitt-Jalland (History and Spanish, 2017)

Amy Shorter (Geography, 2015)

Elizabeth Bennett (MMus, 2014)

Kate Bevan (English, 2016; Athletics and Cross Country President)

Kerrie Ahern (Media Arts, 2015; Cheerleading President)

Kunika Kakuta (Classics, 2016; Catholic Society Secretary 2014-2015)

Fleur Mountjoy (Theatre Studies, 2011)

Emma Shenton (Geography, 2014)

Laura Verma (Physics, 2010)

Rebecca Ellis (Politics and International Relations, 2015; Director of Logistics for Inaugural tedxroyalholloway, Events Coordinator for Diplomatic society)

Katie (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2017)

George Thomson (Geography, 2017)

Matthew Hallas (Music, 2007; Savoy Opera Society President 2005-2006)

Rebecca Rogers (Geography, 2017; Media Officer of Rohosnow)

Holly Lowther (BSc Criminology & Psychology and MSc Forensic Psychology, 2017; President and Treasurer of Psychology Society, SU Bar and Security Supervisor, Course Representative)

Yasmine Gittens (English Literature and French, 2017)

Alice Golding (Psychology, 2017; Staff Student Committee member 2016-2017)

Megan Harvey (Human Geography, 2017)

Will Barnes (Geography, 2017)

Lewis Halstead (French and Music, 2017)

Dominic Waite (Politics, 2013; Ski Club Treasurer)

Zara chowdhry (Psychology, 2013)

Meryl Aldis (née Thomas) (German with French, 1972)

Rukshana Ali (Doctorate in Clinical Psychology & BSc in Psychology, 2001)

Gemma Smith (Maths and Physics, 2011)

Jessica Hines (Ancient & Medieval History, 2017)

Joana Silva (Management with Marketing, 2013)

Dominique Tanner (Geology, 2015; Postdoctoral Officer)

Louise Cooper (Biological Science, 2017)

Holly Pyne (Modern History and Politics, 2017; Editor of the Orbital Magazine)

Luke Tierney (BA History, MA Crusade Studies, 2014)

Katya Stokes (Geography, 2017)

Rebecca McCutcheon (PhD, 2015)

Amy Scott (Public History MA, 2012)

Simon Parsons (PhD History, 2016)

Petras Bacevicius (Comparative Literature and Culture with International Film, 2016)

Harrison Gilbert (History, 2017)

Alexander White (History BA, Crusader Studies MA, 2015; Head of Technology Insanity Radio)

Jared Kerrisk (Film and Television Production, 2017)

Katie Bracher (English, 2005; President of Absolute Harmony 2004-5)

Jeremy Stow (Geography, 2005)

Divyesh Thakerar (English, 2005)

Joanna MacKenzie (English and Creative Writing, 2006; Musical Director Absolute Harmony)

Elysia Sharma (Physics, 2015; Physics Society President 2014-2015)

Florence (Geography, 2013)

Concetta Culora (English and Drama, 2015)

James Dale (English Literature, 2005)

Angelo Frangeskou (Physics, 2013)

Poppy Wood (Politics and International Relations, 2016)

Jane Middleton (French, 1982)

Lisa Masters (Psychology, 2012)

Mike Ward (French, 1981)

Amie Felton (Psychology, 2017)

Giulia Ferrati (Drama and Theatre Studies, 2014)

Mike Horswell (History, 2016)

Priyanka Jethwa (English and Creative Writing, 2016)

James Cooke (Geography, 2017)

Mollie (Psychology, 2017; Sports Committee Member)

Stuart Ballard (Physics with Computing, 1983)

Stephanie Ludlow (Classical Civilisations, 2007)

Liam Parker Harrison (BA Theatre Studies + MA Playwriting, 2012)

Louise Payne (Zoology, 1980)

Mariana Rossi (Film, Television & Digital Production, 2017)

Christopher Purcell (Mathematics, 2010; Jazz Society President 07/08, Comedy Society President 09/10)

Holly Houghton (English Literature, 2017)

Rosa Severino (English Literature, 2009)

Aron Kerpel-Fronius (Economics and Management, 2014; Men’s Basketball Team Captain)

Melanie Johnson (Mathematics, 2008)

Chris Redman (MSci Physics, 2017; Physics Society – Head of Astronomy, IOP USN – Communications Officer, Outreach Ambassador)

Joel Short (History, 2017)

Leanne Tsang (French, 2014)

Amar Singh Panesar (History, 2013)

Sukhpal Singh (Politics and International Relations, 2014; Student Activities Committee)

Katherine Kelaidis (PhD Classics, 2016)

Hafsa (Physics, 2017)

Rosanna Harkin (Classical Studies, 2015)

Steffanie Wiltcher (Biomedical Science, 2012)


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